This week why not show your support for National Butcher’s Week?  Here at Tancred Farm Shop Dean and the team have expert butchery skills and always ensure your cuts are top quality.  Dean is always on-hand to have a chat about different cuts of meat and offer you advice on which cuts to use in different dishes.  Don’t hesitate to ask the team anything you wish to know about butchery…….and you should see the speed that Dean twists his sausages.  That is impressive!!!!! – Angela and Mary aren’t far behind either.


For all you pie lovers, whether it be sweet or savoury, this is the week for you, as it is British Pie Week.  One of our family favourites has to be homemade steak and kidney pie using good quality local ingredients from the farm.  If you want a good recipe then this is one to try;

We have some great offers for British Pie Week including 2 x Beef Mince for £5.00.  Please share any of your dishes on our Facebook or Twitter profiles.  Here’s one for all you fast pie eaters – why not try out the World Pie Eating Championship in Wigan?