Staying home for your Valentine’s dinner is the way to go. Splurge on a fancy dinner in your own kitchen! Even if you splurge on a luxurious dinner and a great bottle of wine, it will cost you less at home. We recommend something wholesome using locally sourced ingredients fresh from your local farm shop.

A good quality steak is always a good option especially a big hearty rib-eye, with which you will receive a big juicy, super flavourful, tender piece of meat. The meat has fat marbled throughout, with some larger pockets of fat interspersed, which is where the flavour comes from.

Tancred Farm Shop

While it’s not as lean as a tenderloin, it’s still a very tender piece of meat, and far more flavorful and juicy. Cooking a Rib-eye involves a quick sear on each side over high heat, then finishing it off in the oven.

Serve with homemade chips, mushrooms, roasted tomatoes and a nice diane source.  If steak is not the preferred choice why not make a hot and spicy curry or pork chop dish?  We have everything you need here at Tancred Farm Shop.

If you need help with a choice of meat, recipe ideas or cooking tips then pop in and see us.