During these crazy times we are always looking forward to good news and a reason to celebrate. Easter’s Been and Gone but April is one month to celebrate for Team Tancred. At the end of the month its Dean’s Birthday so this month’s blog (you’ve guessed it) is all about Dean!

This has always been Dean’s Dream to open a Farm Shop. He Started Butchering when his eldest Daughter Mary was young and he wanted to know what she was eating and to know where it came from. As a farmer he spent all his time trying to keep the animals alive and then when they went off to the abattoir it was always a strange concept. He often wondered where they went and what butchers’ shops or factories they went too.  Then He started butchering for some friends and family and that’s where the dream began. We bought a mincer and a sausage machine and wondered how hard that could be and his friends and family couldn’t get enough of these sausages. We got a cutting room set up at the farmhouse in the garage with a cold-room and started doing farmers markets which will be about 15 years ago now. People were trying our products and coming back for more saying how lovely it was and that’s where the brand was born.

We started building the farm shop in the summer of 2012 and then we opened in the November and what a journey we have been on ever since. There’s nothing that Dean loves more than standing behind that butcher’s counter and seeing the customers leaving the shop with exactly what they wanted. Trust us, if he’s not behind there then he’s doing something just as important somewhere else. He could be at a Farmers Market or checking on his pride and joy, Our pedigree Herd of Lincoln Red Cattle.

His Favourite meal is definitely a Sunday Roast with a piece of Lincoln Red Beef with Roast Potatoes cooking in our own Rapeseed Oil. Seasonal vegetables and a nice hearty gravy. All washed down with a nice glass of red wine. Which is what he will be having for his birthday dinner after butchering in the shop first of course.

So, from everyone at Tancred Farm Shop, Happy Birthday Dean! We hope you have a great day!


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