Dean loves a good recipe and his favourite recipe book is French Country Cooking by Elizabeth David.  A copy of this book can now be found on the book shelves (we have added an extra cabinet so there are more books to read) in the cafe.  If you pop by for a cuppa and a bite to eat please take a look at this recipe book and the others on display, as they can offer some great inspirational menu ideas.

Deanbook1 Deanbook2

We now have a larger selection of wine including Dessert wine, Cava, Prosecco and pink fizz, which are all ideal for Christmas and New Year.  Prices range from 2 for £10 to £17.45 for the dessert wine.


If you are stuck for Christmas gift ideas we have some lovely Christmas hampers.  These can either be pre-done or you can pick your own products to go in them.  Also we are now selling prints of railways from the ‘20s, ‘30’s and 40’s, which is a keen interest of Dean’s.  His favourite is the Lincolnshire print.

IMG_0202 Lincpic

We are still taking Christmas orders so please give us a call if there is anything you would like to order. We also have cooked hams ready to go.  

Dean’s favourite Christmas Day dinner is Beef shoulder with the best crackling or Beef on the bone, with sprouts, roast potatoes made with goose fat, Horseradish sauce and the dessert wine with Christmas pudding  Everything is available in the farm shop if you would like to recreate Dean’s favourite dinner.

Finally we best not forget the cheeses.  Christmas would not be Christmas without a nice chunk of cheese.  Dean loves a bit of Wensleydale with his Christmas Cake, but his firm favourite has to be Crompton Bishop Stilton.  Simply delicious.