Well here we are, in the last quarter of another year and Autumn is well and truly upon us. The temperature is noticeably dropping over the last week or so and here at Tancred Farm we turn to comforting, home cooked stews and casseroles to keep out the cold. Dean loves to make a classic beef stew with our very own Red Lincoln beef. He recommends packing it with plenty of seasonal root vegetables such as celeriac and swede before topping the whole thing off with handmade dumplings. You can flavour your own stew with any combination of winter herbs such as bay, rosemary or thyme, perhaps stir through a little English mustard whilst you’re at it!

You can pick up some of our Red Lincoln beef – alongside other seasonal favourites – at the farm shop and our regular farmers market spots in Briggate, Chapel Allerton and York Shambles market. You will also spot us on the 5th November at the Tockwith Bonfire show serving up refreshments for the crowds enjoying the fireworks and other family activities.

If you are thinking about Halloween then don’t forget that Tancred Farm shop has a ready supply of home-grown pumpkins in various sizes. When carving your lantern, save all that tasty flesh for a delicious soup. Simply roast in the oven with sage, chilli flakes and garlic then blend with some hot chicken stock. Finish with a swirl of crème fraiche and croutons for an excellent Halloween supper. Even the seeds are edible  – as this easy recipe demonstrates.


Of course, pumpkins aren’t just for lanterns. Often neglected the rest of the season, they make a nutritious addition to the evening meal. Their sweet flavour is appealing for children and can be used in everything from a starchy risotto to a low sugar cake. So when you come to Tancred Farm for your Halloween pumpkin why not pick up two and try some of these family friendly recipes from BBC Good Food magazine?


Last but not least; in addition to our activities at Tockwith Bonfire show we will be celebrating the day with homemade parkin in the Tancred Farm shop café. Our team work hard to bring you lots of hand prepared goodies including seasonal bakes, soup and quiche of the day. We utilise as much produce from the kitchen garden and butchers counter as we can, so that you can be confident about what goes in to our meals and where the ingredients have come from.