Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and here at Tancred Farm Shop we think there is no better way to start the day than with a Full English with home reared grilled sausages and bacon accompanied with farm fresh eggs. This year Breakfast Week is the 24th-30th January and we want to know how you’re planning to shake up your breakfast!  Share your ideas and pictures with us on our Facebook page or Twitter page (@tancredfarmshop). 

If you don’t have the time to cook your own, why not come along to our coffee shop for a most delicious fresh breakfast to start the day –

Dean is keen to ensure that children understand the importance of breakfast;  he will be giving a demonstration to school children at The Pavillions of Harrogate at the Great Yorkshire Showground with the Yorkshire Agricultural Society during Breakfast Week.


Dean demonstrating sausage making – Photograph provided by the Yorkshire Agricultural Society

At this time of year it is good to stock your freezer up with good quality reared meat from Tancred Farm Shop so that you always have something in to cook up a tasty family meal for Burn’s Night (Monday 25th January) or for a loved one this Valentine’s.

Below is a selection of what we have in stock:

  • Half pig £80.00
  • Quarter pig £45.00
  • Whole lamb £105.00
  • Half lamb £55.00
  • 10kg Lincoln red beef box £85.00
  • 3kg Steak box £50.00
  • 20 Chicken breasts £25.00
  • 4 Family size chickens £20.00
  • 4kg Award winning sausages (packed in 6’s) £20.00lf a pig £80.00