Now the weather has taken a turn for the better we can really start looking forward to lazy days in the sun with meat sizzling on the BBQ.

Tancred Farm Shop BBQ images1

Enjoy quality produce at fair prices… that’s our ethos and that continues through our BBQ selection where you can enjoy five items for only £10.00 (Home-made burgers and sausages!)

Sausages (variety of flavours)

Lincoln Red Beef Burgers

Pork & Apple Burgers

Lamb & Mint Burgers

Pancetta Pork Fillets with Lemon & Green Pepper Glaze

Spare Ribs

Marinated Belly Strips

Marrinated Pork Ribeye Steaks

Pork Kebabs

Gammon Steaks

Team with coleslaw, new potaotes, plenty of fresh salad and salad dressing which are all available from the Farm Shop to create the perfect BBQ!